WEA Opens Resource Site for Abolition Film ‘Amazing Grace: The William Wilberforce Story’

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The World Evangelical Alliance in partnership with Walden Media, is giving its full support to abolition film, 'Amazing Grace: The William Wilberforce Story,' scheduled for release in the United States on February 23 and United Kingdom and Canada on March 23.

The alliance, in conjunction with the film's production, Walden Media, has launched the Amazing Grace Resource website (www.amazinggraceresource.com), which provides guides, sermons, video clips and other tools to equip churches to impact the world for today's global challenges.

"Amazing Grace, The William Wilberforce Story is a powerful story of how a person of faith can change the cultural and social landscape of an entire country," said Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director of the World Evangelical Alliance.

"Every generation needs to be inspired by this remarkable story. I encourage all people, especially those of faith to see this film. Go with your family. Go with your small group. Have your whole church attend. You will be encouraged and challenged to make a difference in the world.

After appearing at the screening attended by more than 250 members of Canada's Parliament and staffers in Ottawa on Wednesday, followed by a screening for more than 150 pastors and church leaders on Thursday, Tunnicliffe is set to arrive in New York for the film's U.S. premiere on February 12th.

"WEA is committed to maximizing the impact of this film," Tunnicliffe said. "That's why we have developed a growing list of free resources available for individuals, small groups and churches. Through these helpful tools you will be helped to translate the story of William Wilberforce in your own context."

Contact Information:

Marion Uzac, Press Secretary, Email:[email protected].com

Sylvia Soon, Chief of Staff, Email: [email protected].com

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