WEA Partners with the Better Hour

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For release: Contact: Marion Uzac at [email protected]

January 31, 2008 or Sheila Weber at [email protected] (646-322-6853)

World Evangelical Alliance Announces Partnership

with THE BETTER HOUR to launch worldwide movement for service,

reflecting faith and activism of William Wilberforce

VANCOUVER, Canada. The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) will partner with the co-sponsor of a new television documentary THE BETTER HOUR: The Legacy of William Wilberforce, to launch a worldwide movement of faith and societal transformation, announced WEA International Director Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe (www.worldevangelicals.org) and Chuck Stetson, chairman of THE BETTER HOUR, a division of Essentials in Education (www.thebetterhour.com).

The inspiring, new one-hour television documentary, THE BETTER HOUR: The Legacy of William Wilberforce, will appear nationwide on American public television beginning in February, 2008. The film was produced to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the 1807 abolition of British and American slave trade in a 20-year heroic effort led by British Parliamentarian William Wilberforce. (Effective date of U.S. legislation was January, 1808.)

“THE BETTER HOUR offers an irresistible call to action for building a better world,” said Tunnicliffe. “THE BETTER HOUR documentary film, study guide, and BETTER HOUR Gatherings will help us fulfill one of our top priorities—to engage the culture with a message that can bring together both Christians and non-believers to create better communities around the world,” continued Tunnicliffe, whose World Evangelical Alliance includes churches in 128 nations and more than 100 organizations, representing some 420 million evangelicals around the world.

“We encourage everyone to host a film screening in your community, followed by audience discussion. This can lead to small group commitments, and inspire collaborative efforts to launch new service projects for meeting today’s cultural and social needs,” added Tunnicliffe. (The DVD is for sale at www.shopPBS.org.)

THE BETTER HOUR: The Legacy of William Wilberforce, funded by the John Templeton Foundation (www.templeton.org) is an engaging documentary, rich with content and commentary, that can inspire people with the remarkable story of William Wilberforce who used his position as a British parliamentarian to launch 69 organizations for the betterment of society and end the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The film focuses on a politician who developed strength of character in the service of high and seemingly unattainable goals. This film highlights William Wilberforce’s drive and love for humanity and how his character and a sense of justice join together to bring what the English poet William Cowper described as "the better hour."

“Today, the world needs a new generation of people like Wilberforce,” writes Rick Warren in the foreword of the related book and study guide, Creating the Better Hour: Lessons from William Wilberforce, which includes chapters by Os Guinness, Chuck Colson, Baroness Caroline Cox, among others, and edited by Chuck Stetson.

On February 22, 2008, the Church Communications Network (CCN) will broadcast via satellite a one-hour show about the BETTER HOUR Gatherings and feature both Tunnicliffe and Stetson, who share insight and ideas for how to engage the culture using THE BETTER HOUR services and products. (www.betterhourgatherings.com)

All resources are at www.thebetterhour.com.


Sheila Weber,
Vice President, Communications
232 East 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016

[email protected]