WEA Peace and Reconciliation Initiative press release

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September 9, 2010

The WEA Peace and Reconciliation Initiative calls on  Pastor Terry Jones of the  Dove World Outreach Center to prayerfully reconsider his planned burning of the Koran. WEAPRI Director Stephen Tollestrup says " as Christians we are called to be Christ's representative in the world, and as St Paul so clearly states to prevent others from stumbling. This act of desecration will only inflame antagonism and place a huge and even dangerous obstacle between those both Christian and Islamic working so. hard for dialogue and reduction of violence and terrorism.

WEAPRI believes that in a world divided by violent conflict the Christian Church will be pivotal and central in peace building modelled on the character of Jesus Christ.

"perhaps no greater role exist for Christians today than that of being Ambassadors of the Justice and Peace of Jesus."

Next month WEAPRI will be part of week long dialogue sessions on Peace Building at the Lausanne III Congress 2010 in Cape Town.