WEA Plans Egyptian Summit, Calls for Worldwide Prayer

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New York, NY - January 25, 2012

Exactly one year ago, Egypt experienced the start of a revolution that resulted in the ousting of its former president Hosni Mubarak and changed the nation's political landscape permanently.

Today Egyptians all across the country are remembering the revolution's first anniversary which brought about an opportunity for democracy although overall feelings are tinged by fear of uncertainty over the country's future.

The World Evangelical Alliance, representing the global family of evangelical Christians has been carefully monitoring the situation. On several occasions last year, senior WEA leaders have visited Egypt and spent time interacting with key national leaders to help determine how the global church might best respond to this dynamic and quickly changing situation. 

At the request of Christian leaders in Egypt, the WEA has agreed to facilitate an Egypt Summit in Washington DC to take place on February 7-8. At this summit, Egyptian Christian leaders will provide an analysis of their current reality and provide a framework of how best organizations/churches/foundations etc. can partner with the Church in Egypt at this critical time of transition.

On this day marking this critical moment of the Revolution’s 1st year, WEA Secretary General Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe said,  “the WEA is calling on our global community to stand in united prayer with our sisters and brothers in Egypt at this crucial time in Egypt's history."

With the Egyptian Army currently in power and the Islamic Parties aligned together against all the other parties, especially the Revolution and liberal parties - who insist on continuing the revolution and asking the Army to step down immediately - the term "unfinished revolution" could spark clashes between the two sides once again.

Moreover an indication of this rivalry and rift took place at the first elected Parliament session on Monday, January 23rd where members of the Islamist party “re-worded their oaths pledging allegiance to God’s law, as opposed to members of the Liberal party who pledged themselves not to the constitution but to continue the anti-Mubarak revolution”, reported the Christian Post.

The WEA asks Christians to pray with Christians in Egypt for a peaceful transition within the country and for cooperation among all other parties in order to achieve equality, freedom and justice in the nation.

By God’s grace, we seek genuine democracy, in which all Egyptians, including the sizeable Christian community, can play their full part.

The WEA is the largest global evangelical body with a network of churches in 129 nations and an alliance of 100 international organizations representing over 600 million Christians worldwide. It representatively speaks as a trusted voice on behalf of global evangelicalism, connects diverse Evangelical church networks and ministries for effective collaborative action, and actively equips their needs with valuable resources to optimize their impact. For more info e-mail at [email protected] or go toWorldea.org