WEA Religious Liberty Prayer News, June 15, 2011

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My eyes are ever towards the Lord,
for He will pluck my feet out of the net.
Psalms 25:15

* World Evangelical Alliance is a global ministry working with local churches around the world to join in common concern to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in their communities. God is glorified and the nations of the earth are forever transformed.

The purpose of the
WEA Religious Liberty Prayer Release is to keep you informed and mobilized in prayer and intercession for the needs of justice and religious liberty in the Church around the globe, so that we can stand together for the work of the Kingdom and the healing of the Nations. The Prayer Release is comprised on the basis of different credible Christian based resources.

Pray for Christians in SOMALIA[i]

The latest release of The Voice of the Martyrs Canada (VOM) on Somalia calls us to pray for Christians there, who persevere amid severe persecution. Somalia, a predominantly Muslim nation with Islam as its national religion, consists of a Christian population 0.05 percent. In recent years there have been reports on a number of Somali Christians, who were martyred or targeted for execution in the country. As a result many believers have fled to neighbouring countries. However, those who have remained share new testimonies that many Somalis, including believers with Muslim background, “are boldly embracing Christ, despite pressure, threats and violence.”

Prayer points:

* Pray for protection over Somali Christians, facing daily persecution, threats and violence.

* Pray for strength and perseverance in all suffering believers in Somalia.

* Pray for the continuous spreading of the Gospel despite the pressure and violence.

Persecution against Christians in Northern NIGERIA

News on the persecution on Christians in Northern Nigeria is not something new. Nigeria’s population of more than 158.2 million is divided between Christians, who live mainly in the south, and Muslims, who live mainly in the north. Compass Direct News Service (CDNS) reports about the vanishing of Christian communities in two villages (Mdandi and Gumel) in Northern Nigeria, Bauchi state, as a result of Islamic attacks in March and April this year. The church buildings and the homes of the believers who fled were destroyed and the Christians are now living as displaced persons in surrounding towns. The Christians have received no assistance from the state or federal governments in resettling them back or rebuilding their houses, as the religious crisis has been portrayed as communal property squabbles.

Prayer points:

* Pray for the Christian families driven out of their homes and churches in Mdandi and Gumel villages.

* Pray for the persecuted Christian minority in Northern Nigeria.

* Pray for the Nigerian local and federal governments that they will be more responsible in reacting promptly to protect the rights of all people equally.

Salafis’ Agenda behind Christian Persecution in EGYPT”

The Research and Analysis Report of the WEA Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) from June 13th, which most of you have already probably reviewed, gives us an interesting political analysis of the agenda of the Salafi Muslims in Egypt after the uprising in the country in the beginning of this year and the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak. The report states that while for the youth and moderate Muslims of the country the January 25 uprising was about democratic freedom, the Salafis, who had been inactive for decades promptly saw it as an opportunity to push an Islamist agenda. The analysis is in the context of the recent spate of violence in Egypt, mostly incited by conservative Salafi Muslims, which has left over 24 killed, more than 200 wounded and three churches destroyed. The perception of threat to the Christians is so severe that many of them are reportedly seeking to move out of the country.

Prayer points:

* Pray for the current political situation in Egypt.

* Pray for the coming election in September.

* Pray that a situation which forces an exodus of Egypt’s Christians will be avoided.

* Additional prayer items are available at the WEA website, http://www.worldevangelicals.org/pray/ .

[i] Source: Voice of the martyrs Canada, available at: http://www.persecution.net/pnp.htm#1106092
[ii] Source: Compass Direct News Service, available at: http://www.compassdirect.org/english/country/nigeria/article_113681.html