WEA Religious Liberty Prayer News, October 1, 2010

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October 1, 2010  

"I call upon the Lord,  who is worthy to be praised; so I shall be saved from my enemies."  
Psalm 18:3

* World Evangelical Alliance is a global ministry working with local churches around the world to join in common concern to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in their communities. God is glorified and the nations of the earth are forever transformed.

The purpose of the WEA Religious Liberty Prayer Release is to keep you informed and mobilized in prayer and intercession for the needs of justice and religious liberty in the Church around the globe, so that we can stand together for the work of the Kingdom and the healing of the Nations. The Prayer Release is comprised on the basis of different credible Christian based resources.


Continuing restrictions on religious freedom in NEPAL[i][i] 

Compass Direct News’ report from September 21st informs us that a legislative panel in Nepal has proposed retaining a ban on converting others in the country’s new constitution. The creation of a new constitution in Nepal is part of the county’s transition from a Hindu monarchy to a democracy. The expectation is the ban to be approved as recommended by the Committee on Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles (CFRDP). Christians fear that Hindu nationalist groups would misuse the ban to further restrict public meetings and social work that could be suspected of being aimed at conversions.

Prayer points:
*     Pray for continuous courage and wisdom in Christians in Nepal, who have lived with ban on conversion for more than five decades.
*     Pray for true democracy and freedom of religion to be established in the country.
     Pray for God’s interference in this process of creation of the new Nepali constitution.   

Church attacked by militant Muslims in PAKISTAN[ii][ii]

According to VOM Canada on 18th  September 2010 the Nasri Pentecostal Church in Karachi, Pakistan, was attacked and vandalized by militants angered over a threat to burn Qurans in the United States earlier this month. Nine copies of the Bible, three hymn books and three wooden crosses were found burned, together with other damages. The Nasri Pentecostal Church attack was the second church attack within a week.

Prayer points:
*    Pray for protection over Christian in Pakistan.
*    Pray that the spirit of strength, love and self control will overcome all fear in the hearts of Christians in Pakistan. 
    Pray that attacks of militant Muslims in the country will cease.  

Karen Christian refugees welcomed in JAPAN[iii][iii]

BBC News reports that eighteen Burmese refugees have arrived in Japan from the refugee camps in Thailand as part of Japan’s agreement to accept about 90 Burmese under a third country resettlement plan, promoted by UN. The Karen minority in Burma is traditionally Christian and has suffered and continues to suffer severe persecution in Burma. Many refugees, freeing the persecution, have been living for 10 years in camps in north-western Thailand, under poor conditions and continuous threat of  attacks from Burma.

Prayer points:
*    Praise the Lord for the 18 Karen refugees, safely resettled in Japan.
    Pray for the success and continuation of the resettlement plans for the Burmese refugees.
    Pray for the Karen Christians to be strong and to keep their faith in this difficult period of transition.        

ü      Additional prayer items are available at the WEA website, http://www.worldevangelicals.org/pray/ .  

ü      Keep in your prayer also the upcoming events and activities of the WEA globally, regionally and nationally, posted at http://www.worldevangelicals.org/newsletter/july08.htm 


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