WEA RLC Statement in response to the kidnapping of Koreans in Afghanistan

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17 SEP 2007

The following statement is provided by the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission in response to the kidnapping of Koreans in Afghanistan.

· We grieve with the families who have suffered loss of life and we rejoice with those who are now reunited with their families.

· We call upon the church around the world to pray for healing and unity both in the Korean church and the nation of South Korea.

· While we note the complexity of situations dealing with the hostage issue, we also note that in our globalised world the actions of one government can have serious implications globally.

· We denounce any kind of inhuman actions such as hostage taking in any corner of the globe, including Afghanistan and we pray that longstanding right of citizens of any country to have the right to travel abroad and freely return to their own country without being penalized for so doing will come soon.

· We suggest that organisations with workers in other countries should pay careful regard to security warnings issued by their government.

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director

World Evangelical Alliance


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