WEA Youth Commission News, June 2007

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Greetings Youth Commission Brothers,

Please forgive the gap in our communication, resulting from the cancellation of our May edition of the Youth Commission News. We were simply too fully engaged in significant ministry events and travel to take time out. Here’s a sample of what was going on the week of May 1 here in the USA:

USA: National Youth Ministries Unite

· Denominational Youth Ministries Summit. The leaders of 11 denominational youth ministries met for the second year. The group is growing in mutual support and camaraderie.

· The Campus Alliance. The Executive Team reorganized itself with 12 leaders of national campus ministries offering their cooperative effort to reach America’s 56,000 schools.

· Youth Ministry Executive Council. 39 youth ministry executives discussed “Emerging Young Leaders” and how to better integrate them into our ministries. This yielded a wealth of information and ideas. During the final evening, the Spirit broke through in such a special way that the program team quickly huddled and abandoned most of the previous plan in lieu of prayer, worship and calling this generation to Christ. It was a powerful time.

Global Day of Prayer: 200 Million Petition God for Revival

Organizers of the seventh annual Global Day of Prayer say approximately 200 million Christians in 203 nations participated in the worldwide prayer event on Pentecost Sunday, May 27. Youth were integrally involved in many areas. >From a broadcasted arena in downtown Dallas to packed churches in South Korea, Christians worldwide united to pray for global revival and intervention from God in global problems of war, terrorism, poverty, natural disasters, and more. One highlight was the team of 47 that climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, where they planted a cross and prayed for repentance and revival throughout the world.

Russia: Students are the Teachers at English Camps

Daryl and Donna Nuss led a missions trip to southern Russia April 7-20. They hosted an English camp in Sochi on the Black Sea for students from the city of Rostov. The students who attended the English camp were some of the most receptive students who have attended in the past several years. Daryl also connected with Lance Corley who has been attempting to launch a national network in Moscow. Sadly, Daryl’s father passed away while Daryl and Donna were still in Moscow. They cut their plans short and returned home immediately.

India: Desire for Training Spreads

There have been good reports out of the February Forum and regional groups are asking for training, workshops and consultations in their areas—Orrisa, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh. In the meantime, we await the news about funding from a US foundation that will enable the launch of an exciting expansion which will launch Youth Commissions in 10 major urban areas.

Caribbean: Consultation Draws Nine Nations and Starts New Networks

Donovan Thomas (Caribbean YC Coordinator) reports: “The Caribbean Youth Consultation, held on May 17-19, 2007, was very historic for the WEA Youth Commission. For over five years some of us have carried a vision and burden to see Christian youth leaders network to better reach the youth of the Caribbean. Rev. Gerry Seale, the General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean, contacted the national alliances, and as a result, 24 representatives came from nine countries with a deep passion to see deliberate actions taken to build partnerships to reach more Caribbean youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At the end of the Consultation Rev. Gerry Seale led a ‘laying on of hands’ for the seven who were selected to serve on a Facilitation Committee to help guide the development of the Caribbean Youth Commission over the next year.” For a full summary, see attached report.

Latin America: Reaching out to Spain!

Jorge traveled to Spain in late April, and, thanks to a special donation, his wife Leticia accompanied him. He preached, met with leaders and tried to help key people organize a RAICES Congress in southern Spain. In addition, he made plans with others to host LATINA 2009, an international youth congress to be held n Costa Rica in 2009.

Jorge’s assistant, Eugenia, is giving attention to fund raising to support Jorge and the office needs in Costa Rica, in addition to networking projects like The Living School for Latin American leaders. She comments: “Even though it is not much to raise, the task is intimidating, to tell you the truth!” Pray for Eugenia—and thank God for her, too, as she is a great help to Jorge.

South Pacific: Reformed and Refocused

On May 12-15, denominational and ministry leaders from the South Pacific held a Leadership Summit in Vanuatu to talk and pray about the establishment of a new evangelical alliance in the South Pacific. Graham Sercombe reports:

“The outcome of three and a half days of worship, prayer, waiting on God, discussion and dialogue was the unanimous decision and affirmation for the official formation of a new alliance in the South Pacific to be called South Pacific Evangelical Alliance. Five South Pacific Island official strategic national Christian leaders were present, along with evangelical leaders from the region. The time together was one of great fellowship and unity.”

Graham continues, “I was asked to lead the Regional Youth Ministry, but am seeking to hand this role over to a South Pacific leader and function as a mentor/encourager as I am able. The group is seeking to expand its leadership team representing all the Church in all the Islands of the South Pacific. I believe that SPEA will become a very influential body in the region for the expanding of the Kingdom of God. These are still very early formation days.” Please pray for them.

Praise God that He is doing so much among youth throughout the world that we barely have time to report it! And don’t forget to pray fervently about the things reported here.

Paul Fleischmann and Daryl Nuss

WEA Youth Commission