Working Your Way to the Nations – Online Course begins January 15th

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 Workbook is available as a free download! (www.WEAresources.org)



Limited number of participants

Working Your Way to the Nations is a twelve unit distance learning
course done over four months that provides a comprehensive overview
of what it takes to succeed as an international Christian witness.
Learn interactively with a varied group of adults who are exploring
their own pathways to serving God with their skills and professions
in other nations. Course guidance and advice is provided by a tutor
and experienced cross-cultural workers. The end product of the course
is a custom-made plan that can lead you to your international
destination as an effective witness for Christ.

This course is offered as a ministry of the International Missionary
Training Network, a network of the World Evangelical Alliance ,
Mission Commission.


1. Planning for Success – Don Hamilton
2. Getting Perspective – Detlef Bloecher
3. Cross-Cultural Servants – David Tai-Woong Lee
4. The Crucial Role of the Local Church – Derek Christensen
5. Critical Considerations of Deployment – Jonathan Cortes
6. Biblical and Doctrinal Foundations – Joshua K. Ogawa
7. Personal Readiness – Elizabeth Vance
8. Two Essential Skills – Jim Chew
9. Team Dynamics and Spiritual Warfare – James Tebbe
10. Understanding the Host Culture – Elizabeth Goldsmith
11. Dealing With Stress – Carlos Calderon
12. Becoming a Belonger – Marcos Amado

COST: US or CAN $80

Sign up at:
For more information, write to Jonathan Lewis, [email protected]   
Jonathan Lewis, Ph.D.
International Missionary Training Network
6162 Lincoln Dr., Ferndale, WA 98248
(360) 380-0632