World Evangelical Alliance International Leadership Team Holds Annual Meeting in Jerusalem

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For Immediate Release

JERUSALEM -- Members of the World Evangelical Alliance International Council and International Leadership Team gathered in Jerusalem, Israel for their annual board meeting, where they laid out strategic plans for the coming year and discussed several key topics including the 2008 WEA General Assembly, the situation in Darfur, the Micah Challenge initiative, and the Amazing Grace movie.

According to Geoff Tunnicliffe, the International Director of the WEA, the leadership met in Jerusalem to show their commitment to the Middle East and support fellow Evangelical Christians living in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

During their stay, the WEA leaders congratulated the United Christian Council in Israel on their 50th anniversary and were briefed by the UCCI leadership on the state of the evangelical community in Israel. The WEA leadership also welcomed their newest alliance member, the Evangelical Local Council of Churches in the Holy Land (ECCHL). The ECCHL was formally accepted during the leadership team’s visit to the Bethlehem Bible College – the only Evangelical college in the Palestinian territories.

While in Bethlehem, the WEA members also met with the mayor and deputy mayor of the city to express support for the Palestinian Christian communities that have historically lived in the region for centuries.

The WEA members also met with the Interim Chair of the Christian Allied Caucus, Benjamin Elon, to address some of the concerns of Evangelical Christians living in Israel and Palestinian territories.

In other business, the WEA leadership adopted a task force to plan out the upcoming General Assembly – slated for 2008, developed a Code of Conduct for accountability and pastoral support, highlighted the importance of Micah Challenge in 2007 – the halftime mark of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, and discussed ways to jointly promote the Amazing Grace movie – the story of William Wilberforce.

The 2006 Annual Meeting was held from Nov. 30 to Dec. 10, 2006.

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