World Evangelical Organization To Spearhead Entrepreneurial Leader Conferences Globally

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New York, NY - January 24, 2012 

The World Evangelical Alliance (“WEA”) and Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (“ELO”) signed an agreement today to undertake a joint initiative to connect Christian entrepreneurial leaders around the globe for greater impact in the marketplace and beyond.

Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary-General, WEA, explained that, “entrepreneurs are a catalyst for positive change within churches and the marketplace in communities worldwide.  WEA wants to more effectively channel that energy by connecting leading entrepreneurs.”

The ELO has successfully held six annual “Entrepreneurial Leader Conferences” in Vancouver, BC, Canada, attracting attendees from throughout North America, Asia and Europe.  These conferences have become the leading event of their kind in the world. The next Entrepreneurial Leaders Conferences are planned for November 8th, 2012 in Vancouver and Toronto in Spring 2013. 

This joint initiative will involve WEA connecting ELO with leading business groups in the WEA network in order to determine how best to cooperate for greater marketplace ministry on a global scale and to assist in providing support for conferences in various cities worldwide.

The WEA and ELO aim to establish an “Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year Award” to be granted at ELCs.  The purpose of this award is to recognize those Christian entrepreneurial leaders who have been an example of making a positive difference in the marketplace. 

ELO and WEA will establish an “International Advisory Board” to assist in shaping the direction of the conferences. The conferences will maintain a consistent and unique focus on equipping, connecting and inspiring Christian entrepreneurial leaders, while collaborating effectively with local partners. 

Rick Goossen, Chairman, Advisory Board, ELO, commented that, “the joint initiative with the WEA will facilitate the expansion of the very successful model developed in Vancouver to other key cities throughout the world.”  

The ELO is a non-profit organization that aims to equip, connect & inspire Christian entrepreneurial leaders through publications, conferences, and seminars & courses. The ELO seeks to become the world’s leading organization in this realm. For more info e-mail us at [email protected] or go to Eleaders.org 

The WEA is the largest global evangelical body with a network of churches in 129 nations and an alliance of 100 international organizations representing over 600 million Christians worldwide. It representatively speaks as a trusted voice on behalf of global evangelicalism, connects diverse Evangelical church networks and ministries for effective collaborative action, and actively equips their needs with valuable resources to optimize their impact. For more info e-mail at [email protected] or go toWorldea.org