World Prayer Assembly 14-18th May 2012

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You have an opportunity to shape history by participating in the World Prayer Assembly!

Let the “New Wave” of His Glory Fill the Earth!

The World Prayer Assembly (May 14-18, 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia) will be a “new wave” to strategically connect and empower the global prayer and mission movements as 5000-6000 Christian leaders from up to 220 nations join with the Lord and each other through united prayer, leading to Spirit-inspired action to transform our world.  It is being arranged and co-hosted by leaders of the Indonesian and Korean prayer movements, two of the most powerful prayer forces in the world, with the support of international prayer networks such as the International Prayer Council and the Global Day of Prayer.

The ultimate goal of the World Prayer Assembly is two-fold: to see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord filling the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14) and the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer that His followers become one so the world will know He is its Creator and Savior (John 17:21).

WPA 2012 will learn from and build upon what the Body of Christ has experienced through the worldwide explosion of prayer efforts since the last International Prayer Assembly (Korea,1984), by linking together prayer, mission and marketplace ministries from all church traditions, denominations and social spheres. In the spirit of Acts 13, together we will seek to hear from the Lord of the Church His plans to engage and direct the global prayer movement, so that every nation, city and rural area throughout the world becomes filled with ongoing intercession and Spirit-inspired action until His Kingdom’s values are fully manifested there.

ayer networks and ministries worldwide will meet with those who are prayerfully working for transformation in all spheres of society such as government, education, business/marketplace, arts and media. Ministry leaders will learn from one another and plan new strategies. They will coordinate their efforts to advance world evangelization and the reaching of the unreached, ignite spiritual revival of the Church, as well as champion social justice and humanitarian efforts- so that His glory will fill the earth.

WPA 2012 will also encourage and launch the next generation to become cutting-edge leaders for Christ’s global prayer and mission movement, as children and youth take their positions as equal partners in helping to lead it.

In fulfillment of Jesus prayer in John 17, the WPA will unite a large proportion of Christ’s Body to cry out to God for breakthrough in the urgent issues of our time. On May 17 evening, during the WPA, 100,000 believers of all denominations, including 20,000 trained child intercessors and 20,000 on fire youth, will gather in the national stadium of Jakarta for a massive prayer meeting. It will be linked live to 200 cities of Indonesia where there will be similar gatherings estimated at 5 million. Combining with the Global Day of Prayer broadcast through satellite TV, tens of millions of additional people will take part from other parts of the world, uniting their prayers to shape the history of our world!

For more information about the World Prayer Assembly or to register your interest in participating, please see the website at www.wpa2012.org or write to
[email protected]