World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk

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News Flash

Subject: World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk

The World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk is on June 2nd and 3rd, 2007. This is an opportunity for Christians all around the world to join together and pray for the children who are at risk.

Prayer events will be happening in churches and homes, children's centres and schools, in dozens of nations across 5 continents. Many groups are planning a special time of prayer after the Sunday morning church service. We encourage you to continue to pray for these children throughout the rest of this month.

Children At Risk are those children who are vulnerable to social evils like child labour, child trafficking, sexual and economic exploitation, domestic violence, discrimination, female foeticide and HIV/AIDS infections.

There are many children at risk in India alone. There is, therefore, a great urgency to pray and make a positive contribution towards the cause of these children.

For more information regarding this event, please contact Viva:
www.viva.org/wwp_events, www.viva.org/pray

Prayer Points:

Pray that churches will realize their responsibility of reaching out to the Children at Risk with the love of God.

Pray for Christians and other NGO’s who are working for the cause of Children at Risk.

Pray that governments and other groups will continue to lift needy families out of poverty so that children will not be compelled to work.

Pray that more legislations against social stigmas like child trafficking, sexual exploitation and discrimination will be passed.

Pray that the economic condition of our country (India) will improve so that these children will be able to lead happy and dignified lives and become what God has intended them to be.

Pray that every child will get an opportunity to accept Jesus as his/her personal savior.

Rev. Richard Howell,
General Secretary