Youth Commission News – February 2007

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Warm Greetings to each Youth Commission Member!

It was wonderful to be together last month, face to face, in Orlando for our annual Youth Commission meeting. That is the reason we had no newsletter in January—no communication can beat being together in person! Here are some highlights:

Orlando: Annual Youth Commission Meeting

We enjoyed lots of conversation, wonderful worship, concerted prayer for the nations and plenty of good meals together. And, we also accomplished quite a lot, too. Full minutes were taken but here are a few highlights:

Africa: There is a total of eight Youth Commissions across AEA. Solomon plans to link youth leaders with the various countries where there are national Alliances but no Youth Commissions.

Europe: There are 16 active Youth Commissions in Europe. They have developed a special curriculum “Foundations in Christian Youth Work” which is being tested. A Youth Community Action Programme has also been developed for giving youth leaders a one year experience in a different country. Jussi’s report on Finland highlighted the Nuotta Magazine which is distributed to 5,000 Finnish youth each month.

Caribbean: This past year, 90 schools were involved in global day of prayer. Daryl and Paul will travel to Jamaica just following this meeting to participate in a Caribbean strategy planning meeting for the area Youth Commission. A consultation is may be held there later in 2007.

Latin America: Good youth networks are established in Guatemala, and Venezuela. The current priority is to support the national leader in Costa Rica in building a model for Central America.

USA: The Youth Missions Forum, for the fifth year, provides focus for short term missions trips around the world – doing it better and helping with follow-up post mission experience.

Asia: The India Youth Commission, launched in 2005, continues to be led by Shavez Williams, who serves under the EFI as National YC coordinator. Jacob Isaac participated in the meeting as one of the Coordinators of the Bangalore Network. A National Youth Forum set for February 2007.

South Pacific: A report was submitted, in the absence of Graham Sercombe, who is submitting his resignation as of May 2007. The EA is in a rebuilding and a development mode there

Unpacking our YC Objectives: Quality discussion was had about how we are doing in accomplishing our mission and objectives—both regionally and globally. We discussed barriers and difficulties that we face. The sense is that we have established a solid base during these last five years and that we are ready to advance the Youth Commission to new levels of depth and growth. There is a commitment to pursuing greater advocacy for youth and youth ministry in the years ahead.

India: National Youth Leaders Forum

Shavez Williams, the national coordinator for the EFI Youth Commission in India reports that over 70 youth leaders from all regions of India have indicated that they will attend the National Youth Leaders Forum in New Delhi, February 13-16. In addition to addressing critical issues about youth in India, ample time is allotted for developing working relationships and Networks in all regions of India. Daryl Nuss and Jacob Isaacs will represent the Youth Commission there.

Russia: English Camps

Daryl Nuss and his team are finalizing arrangements for two missions experiences for students in Moscow and Rostov, Russia. The two groups will host large English camps to reach students and student leaders. While in Russia, Daryl intends to connect with key influencers of the networking movement in Russia.

Caribbean: Youth Commission Consultation Set for May

On January 18-19 Donovan Thomas hosted meetings for the Caribbean Youth Commission at the YFC headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. The meetings included leadership of the WEA Youth Commission (Daryl and Paul), the Evangelical Alliance of the Caribbean (Gerry Seale), the Jamaica Evangelical Alliance (Peter Garth), the Caribbean Youth Commission (Donovan Thomas) and the forming youth Networks of St. Maarten (Nicole Francis) and Jamaica (Shane O’Conner).

Together, they sought the leading of the Lord regarding the development of the ministry to Caribbean youth through the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean. The conclusion was to hold a WEA Youth Commission-sponsored Youth Consultation on 17-19 May in St. Maarten. The purpose is to unite Caribbean national leaders who are active in and passionate about youth ministry/youth work, to strengthen relationships between them and to explore the best means of communicating and networking in the region.

God bless you in your leadership of reaching youth and networking youth leaders! Keep each other in your prayers, please!

Paul Fleischmann and Daryl Nuss

WEA Youth Commission