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EEA Refugee Prayer Letter: News from Croatia

Jan 21, 2016

News from Croatia: Divided by borders. United by purpose. Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, 568 439 persons entered the Republic of Croatia. A few days ago one of the camps was covered in the first snow, as evidenced by the photograph of the snowman – with arms wide open

EEA Refugee Prayer Letter: News from Hungary

Jan 7, 2016

The Magi followed the “original GPS” – the Star of Bethlehem that led them to Jesus. Recently a flow of people started to come again east. How can we become a sign for them? How can we show Christ in our lives for every person we meet? The refugee ministry is a big challenge

From the FYROM border

Dec 11, 2015

These past two weeks, I have seen refugees electrocute themselves, sew their mouths shut, hunger strike, attack a food truck, trash storage units, riot and more, declaring either let us pass or we will die here at the border. They are determined to pass and never go back.

Hope in Serbia

Nov 30, 2015

This is the EEA Refugee Prayer Newsletter to encourage prayer accross Europe. Feel free to forward and share.

EEA Refugee Prayer Letter

Nov 24, 2015

This is the EEA Refugee Prayer Newsletter to encourage prayer accross Europe. Feel free to forward and share.

Please Pray for Relief in Sri Lanka after Floods Caused by Heavy Rain

Nov 16, 2015

WEA has received the following prayer request from our Evangelical Alliance in Sri Lanka and its Relief & Development arm (LEADS): Sri Lanka is currently experiencing heavy rains and weather forecasts have suggested the weather conditions will continue to develop in the next few days. Tho

Greece in Crisis - A Prayer Request from the Greek Evangelical Alliance

Jul 1, 2015

Many churches around the world are praying for the people of Greece during these challenging days. At the WEA, we have received a call to prayer from the Greek Evangelical Alliance, our national member body, and we warmly commend these prayer requests to you and your church:

WEA Religious Liberty Prayer News: Libya, Tanzania, India

May 1, 2015

Video depicts the killing of Ethiopian Christians by Islamic State militants in LIBYA; Government threatens to close down churches that oppose new constitution in TANZANIA; Pastor harassed by Hindu Extremists in INDIA

Micah Global: Urgent Prayer Request for Earthquake in Nepal

Apr 25, 2015

7.8 Earthquake hit Nepal this morning (25th April), with devastating impact. Hourly updates indicate a rising death toll with many having lost homes and possessions.

Religious Liberty Prayer Alert: 17 killed in church bombings in Pakistan

Mar 18, 2015

18 March, Twin suicide bomb attacks at 2 churches in Lahore, Pakistan killed at least 17 people and injured around 70 people on Sunday. According to reports, the attackers targeted St. John’s Catholic Church and Christ Church which are located near each other. It is believed that around 500 Christia