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WEA Joins Call for Worldwide Day of Prayer for Syria on September 7

Sep 5, 2013

The World Evangelical Alliance joins other world Christian bodies for a day of prayer for Syria on Saturday, September 7th, and urges the global Church to continue to pray for God’s mercy on Syria and the region.

Prayer Requests for Syria and North India

Aug 19, 2013

Integral Alliance, a WEA Global Partner, shared prayer requests for their work in Syria and North India:

WEA Religious Liberty Prayer Alert: Egypt's Christians under Attack

Aug 17, 2013

In yesterday's sudden eruption of violence scores of churches, Christian-owned businesses and homes came under attack in Egypt. The violence was a reaction to the government's crackdown on 2 camps in Cairo, established to call for the reinstatement of President Mohamed Morsi. Media reports state tha

Prayer Request from the Japan Evangelical Association

Jul 19, 2013

We have received this moving prayer request from the Japan Evangelical Association (JEA: the WEA's national member body in Japan), about a 'House of Councillors' Election in Japan on July 21st. It has been written by JEA's Social Issues and Religious Liberty Commission.

Prayer for Ethics, Corruption and Justice

Jul 16, 2013

“Ethics and Corruption” is one of the Social Justice Issues of our time. Intercessory prayer is our responsibility to stand in the gap on behalf of the poor, the broken, the hopeless and the lost and to pray for God’s mercy to restore and transform, to make right what is wrong.

Pray for Egypt: CEOSS Stresses the Importance of Peaceful Demonstrations and Rational Thinking

Jun 28, 2013

"As many Egyptians take to the streets this weekend, to express their concerns about the current government’s various policies, WEA would urge as many as possible around the world to pray for all Egypt’s citizens, including her many Christians", says Gordon Showell-Rogers, WEA Associate Secretary Ge

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Jun 20, 2013

Muslims fast for 30 days. This is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During these 30 days Muslims will fast until sunset, not even drinking water, but at night they are free to eat and drink. Since 1992, a Christian action of prayer for Muslims during Ramadan has taken place.

Join Us in Praying for Turkey

Jun 5, 2013

The WEA’s national member body in Turkey, the Association of Protestant Churches of Turkey, has asked us to pass these prayer requests to the rest of the global Church. Please join us in praying for Turkey. Please pray firstly for the church in Turkey. Pray that Christians would see this situation n

Please Join the Special Day of United Prayer for Syria on May 11th

May 2, 2013

The WEA continues to encourage focused and concerted prayer for Syria and all the people of Syria. The WEA has learnt that the churches in Syria have decided to hold a special day of united prayer on Saturday, May 11th, 2013: please consider joining our brothers and sisters in Christ as they pray. M

Pray for the unreached people - Fulani, Jelgooji of Burkina Faso

Feb 26, 2013

Cows are very treasured by the Fulani. For the Fulani to farm is almost a rejection of their heritage. The Jelgooji of eastern Burkina Faso have clung to the tradition of herding more tenaciously than many other Fulani groups..