Who We Are

The World Evangelical Alliance is a global association of national and regional Alliances, global networks, partners and associated ministries who work together to strengthen the evangelical Church around the world to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ and to seek holiness, justice and renewal at every level of society, so that God is glorified as the nations of the earth are transformed.


Evangelicals united globally for Gospel transformation.


Fostering unity in Christ, strengthening identity, voice, and platform for Gospel witness and discipleship.

What We Do

Represent with a Global VOICE

The WEA is uniquely positioned as a representative voice; advancing evangelical values, addressing concerns and advocating for the marginalized. WEA’s voice includes its engagement at the United Nations and behind-the-scenes diplomacy with governments, as well as its engagement with the media on global issues.

EQUIP for Global Impact

Through its commissions and initiatives, the WEA serves to equip its members with publications, research, leadership training and resources on topics of theology, missiology, social justice and more. Many of these resources are available free at www.wearesources.org.
This last year, leaders from over forty countries participated in the WEA Leadership Institute’s training on specific topics raised by WEA’s constituency.

CONNECT for Common Action

In accordance with Jesus’ prayer in John 17, unity among Christians and evangelism go hand-in-hand. As the world’s largest evangelical association, the WEA connects many church networks, ministries and organizations for greater strategic impact. WEA’s various projects foster unity, synergy and collaboration between its members and many others on topics of common concern. The WEA has, since its beginning in 1846, stressed the importance of united prayer.