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WEA Mission Commission: Letter from Smyrna - Translated

Sep 12, 2014

We are grateful to our colleagues from around the world who have assisted in translating the "Letter from Smyrna", written as an outcome of the Global Consultation earlier this year. You can now read the letter in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, on our website.

17-19 October: Ready to Take a Step of Faith?

Sep 9, 2014

In my part of the world, there's something about September that has the feeling of new beginnings. It probably has something to do with the dreamlike nature of the August holiday, where inboxes have temporary respite and it’s hard to get hold of people.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) 2014: Don't Stand in Silence

Sep 9, 2014

More than 100 million Christians around the world face persecution daily because they confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. These persecuted brothers and sisters in the faith are in urgent need of prayer and help.

WEA Secretary General Reflects on Impact on Evangelicalism of Historic ‘Christian Witness’ Document

Sep 9, 2014

At the Mission Respect Congress in Germany, World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Secretary General Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe shared his reflections on how the historic document ‘Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct’ has influenced evangelicalism over the last years. He s

WEA's Theological Commission Discusses Bible Engagement With Other Global Leaders

Aug 22, 2014

Fifty-six key influencers of global theological education, representing every continent, gathered 2-6 June in São Paulo, Brazil, for the Lausanne Consultation on Theological Education: Toward Biblical Partnership in Global Theological Education. The group included seminary presidents, institutional

WEA Secretary General Appreciates Call to ‘Not Be Silent about Persecuted Christians’ by President of World Jewish Congress

Aug 22, 2014

In a recent op-ed for the New York Times, Mr. Ronald S. Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress, wrote about the “barbarous slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Christians” that is met with “relative indifference” by the international community. He is asking: “Why is the world silent whil

WEA Joins German Church in Celebrating Third Anniversary of Ecumenical Landmark Document

Aug 22, 2014

August 26-27, 2014, church leaders from all over the world join all German churches in Berlin to celebrate the third anniversary of the document as well as the adaption of it by Germany’s Christianity. The three signing bodies will be represented by Monsignor Dr Angel Ayuso Guixot, secretary of the

Leaders from the Holy Land Share Reflections and Lead Prayers at Service Hosted by WEA in New York

Aug 20, 2014

On Thursday, August 14, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) hosted a public prayer event on the current crisis in the Middle East. Christian leaders from the Holy Land were invited to New York to lead the prayer service by sharing reflections and each offering a prayer for Israel, Palestine and oth

WEA Condemns Violent Attacks on Christians and Others, Calls for Prayer for Christians in Iraq

Aug 8, 2014

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) calls on the global Church to pray for Christians and other minorities who are being persecuted by militant Islamists in Iraq. The WEA also calls on the international community to intervene in light of the continuous and ever-increasing violent attacks on and tar

Join WEA Prayer Service for Middle East on August 14 in New York

Aug 6, 2014

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) invites you to participate in the upcoming prayer service ‘A Call to Prayer for the Middle East’ on August 14th in New York. In the context of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, evangelical leaders of Israel and Palestine will be leading a time of prayer for their lan