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WEA Secretary General Meets Macedonian President Ivanov

Nov 6, 2017

On October 28th, Bp Efraim M. Tendero, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance together with Bp Thomas Schirrmacher paid a visit to His Excellency Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, President of the Republic of Macedonia. He was accompanied by a delegation of the Evangelical Protestant Initiative (EPI)

Guidelines for Faith-Consistent Investments: WEA Enters New Arena of“Faith in Finance”

Nov 4, 2017

Zug, Switzerland. Financial investors and religious leaders who represent over 500 faith investment groups, eight religions, and approximately 3 trillion dollars in assets, have met together with representatives of the United Nations for a unique international meeting on “Faith in Finance,“ in Zug,

Participate in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) this Coming November 5 or 12

Oct 31, 2017

Scripture affirms that the Christian life is a call to glory through suffering. Accordingly, on a daily basis Christians around the world face persecution in various forms, including discrimination, physical assaults, violence and even death.

Evangelicals Around the World Celebrate 500-Year Anniversary of the Reformation

Oct 26, 2017

500 years after Martin Luther asserted the vital importance of Scripture in his famous 95 Theses, which became a watershed moment in the lead up to the Protestant Reformation, evangelical Christians across the world have been re-affirming the Bible’s role in Christian discipleship.

WEA Secretary General Thanks Kosovo President for Law on Freedom of Religion

Oct 23, 2017

At the invitation of the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC), the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) visited Kosovo to be the main speaker in a series of events highlighting the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

WEA Business Coalition Launches Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme

Oct 3, 2017

WEA's partner ELO (Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization) and Wycliffe Hall at the University of Oxford are launching the “Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme (ELP)”, which is a one-week transformational programme to equip you for greater difference-making in your business, church and non-profit organi

WEA Creation Care Task Force Invites for UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign’s Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus and Pre-Event

Oct 3, 2017

It is our pleasure and privilege to invite you to join us for two back-to-back events--the Urban Shalom Forum: The Gospel and the Future of Cities, Nov. 10-13 in Singapore, and immediately following this event the United Nations Human Settlements Programme’s first ever Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Cam

The WEA Supports the Future of the Global Christian Forum

Oct 2, 2017

19 years after the establishment of the Global Christian Forum, the representatives of the world Christian community met together in Geneva for a historic meeting to decide on its continuation

Archibald Musings - by Amanda Jackson

Oct 2, 2017

Last time I was in Sydney, the Archibald Portrait Prize exhibition was on. It’s a hugely popular show because of the celebrity subjects as much as the art itself. The critics choose a prize but so do the workers in the packing room and the general public also choose their favourite.

Christine Schirrmacher Visits Singapore for Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Oct 2, 2017

Christine Schirrmacher, professor of Islamic Studies in Bonn and Leuven, and head of the International Institute of Islamic Studies of the World Evangelical Alliance, visited several institutions in Singapore to lecture on Islamism, discuss Islam as a topic in higher education, and meet Muslim leade