The 2nd Asha Forum Asia Consultation & Training addressing child sexual abuse

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The 2nd Asha Forum Asia Consultation & Training addressing child sexual abuse

Dear Friends addressing child sexual abuse in Asia,

We look forward to welcoming you in Chiang Mai, Thailand in March 2005. Included in the attachment is an overview of the Training and Consultation Programme. The training includes visiting community-based programmes in Chiang Mai from whom we will learn.

The Objectives of the Training addresses:
1. Resource Development : Identifying, acquiring and sustaining resources (e.g., materials, funds, volunteers) for addressing sexual abuse.
2. Education & Awareness : Maximizing the use of educational resources and methods in addressing sexual abuse
3. Restorative Process : Helping the wounded experience a practical holistic restorative process in the context of family and community
4. Advocacy : Policies, movements, and methods to effectively advocate for children at risk of sexual abuse, including prevention, intervention, and restoration

The objectives for the Regional Strategic Planning Consultation are:
1. Clarify the progress made by each working group and the obstacles encountered
2. Analyze the regional strategic plan, and adjust and expand where necessary to produce renewed 5yr Goals and 2yr Objectives for each of the four regional working groups.
3. Develop 1yr and 90day national action plans that connect with the regional plan and include a follow-up meeting.

After the Consultation, we hope to see a bigger picture of what is happening in Asia with regards to children at risk of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking, learn from one another’s experience and work together more effectively to prevent and advocate for the sexually abused children in Asia.

We have also included a sightseeing tour of Chiang Mai and the countryside with a local tour guide and translator.

We look forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai. Please email [email protected] with any questions. Learn more about The Asha Forum and our first Asia consultation at .


Mike McGill, The Asha Forum International Facilitator
Mirriam D. Cepe, MD., The Asha Forum Asia Facilitator

Uniting and expanding the Christian response to child sexual abuse worldwide

Mirriam D. Cepe, MD
Facilitator, The Asha Forum Asia
For Viva Network, Oxford, UK
Network of Christian Organizations and Churches
“Together, fighting child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking”

Email: [email protected]
Website: ;