Christian attacked on Christmas day

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National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)

Incident update

Christian attacked on Christmas day
King’s Revival Church – Alawwa (Kurunegala District)

Christian attacked on Christmas dayOn Christmas day (25th December 2005), Christians attending the Christmas service were accosted by a mob of about 30 people and threatened not to go to Church. Many fled out of fear. The few who braved the mob to go to Church were beaten up. Four persons – one man and 3 women were injured. One of the women was a pregnant lady. The man was treated at the local hospital for his injuries.
Complaints have been made to the Alawwa Police on the 25th and 28th regarding the assaults. (Entry numbers – NCB 2555, CIB 2350 & CIB 309) However, no action had been taken to apprehend the attackers. The NCEASL alerted the government and the Police requesting fair treatment. Subsequently, it is learned that Police have taken in some persons this morning (29th) for questioning. It is reliably learned that a local political organizer is behind the attacks.

The Pastor says he was threatened not to have a service for Christmas. They have been further warned that the Church will be attacked on the 31st December. Police have been alerted to this threat and security has been requested for so that the people can attend worship service on the 31st.

Christian denied burial at public cemetary
On the 20th of December, a Christian man by the name of Karunaratne from Hopton, Reindapola in Lunugala (Uva Province) was denied burial at the local public cemetery. The pastor of the deceased and his family were told by local Buddhists that he cannot be buried in the local burial grounds as he is a Christian. The Police were asked for assistance. The family were finally allowed to bury the deceased, after NCEASL intervened.

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