Theological Commission Expands Membership

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Applications invited for new membership categories

The WEA Theological Commission has expanded its membership categories and is now inviting those interested in participating in the new scheme to lodge their applications.

The TC consists of a core group of about 15 people known as Commissioners, representing a geographical and confessional cross-section of global evangelicalism. This body acts as the steering and management committee, and meets annually for planning and strategy. This arrangement has been in place for some years, and represents a down-sizing from the much earlier arrangement when the TC was composed of a membership of around fifty people with an executive. After a period of planning, which concluded at the TC’s annual meeting last year, three additional categories of participation have been set up. They are Affiliates, Associates and Partners.

are Theological Commissions or like bodies affiliated with National and Regional Fellowships of the World Evangelical Alliance (or bodies nominated by such Fellowships to represent them). The other two groups, Associates and Partners, are drawn from a wider circle and consist of individuals or institutions who are interested in the work of the WEA Theological Commission and who are desirous of supporting its objectives and programs financially, prayerfully and practically. Individuals are known as Associates, while institutions such as seminaries, theological associations, churches, denominations, or mission bodies are known as Partners.

All three new categories will involve the payment of an annual fee which will entitle participants to receive Commission publications (including Evangelical Review of Theology and Theological News), news of activities and to be involved in the study units and other programs of the TC. They will also be able to be involved at their own expense in the public meetings and events of TC. Affiliates and Partners will be able to nominate one representative and Associates will be able to participate personally as non-voting members at TC meetings. In addition, Affiliates will be able to nominate a representative attending designated sessions of the Theological Commission to form (with the officers of the Theological Commission) an Advisory Panel to support and guide the work of the TC.

Dr Rolf Hille, Executive Chair of the TC, said, “We want to broaden the involvement of the evangelical theological community around the world in our work, and we are looking forward to much interest in this new scheme. We believe it will be a great help as we work towards our aim which is ‘to promote biblical truth by networking theologians to serve the church in obedience to Christ’. We are grateful for the interest and encouragement we receive from many parts of the world and now this expansion of our membership will be a practical means to enlist people and institutions in our work of theological study, reflection and publication.

Further details and an application form may be obtained from the TC Australian office (email [email protected]). It is expected that arrangements for the new scheme will be fine-tuned as experience is gained. Membership fees are currently (2006) set at US $75, $150 and $250 for small, medium and large organizations respectively, on a self determining basis. Fees can be paid in US dollars or equivalent major currency.

WEA-TC News 1 Jan 2006