NCEASL Incident Update (Jan 31, 2006)

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National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)

King’s Revival Church, Alawwa – Update

King’s Revival Church, Alawwa – Update The Church congregation was accosted and attacked on Christmas day 2005. (see earlier report). A Police inquiry was held on the 26th of January 2005. Both parties were advised to maintain peace; if there is any complaint, the Police will bind the party concerned.

The situation remains tense as the Church members are unable to meet together anymore due to threats. The Church has been warned that they will not be allowed to meet for worship or to have a Church in the area.

AOG – Bolaththa, Ganemulla – update on Police inquiry 28th January 2006
The Pastor of the AOG Church which was disrupted and threatened by a mob on the 22nd January 2006 was asked by the Police to present himself for an inquiry on Saturday 28th January. The Pastor and a few members of the Congregation who witnessed the incident of 22nd January 2006 presented themselves as requested. Although they waited for more than 1 hour, the members of the other party failed to turn up. The Police advised the Pastor that they will inform him of a new date for the inquiry.
On Saturday 29th, Police provided protection for the Sunday service.

We hope that this matter will be resolved soon with a proper inquiry, as it is not practical for the Police to provide protection for services for a long period of time.
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