Evangelicals Mourn Lives Lost on Egyptian Ferry Accident

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The world has seen images of the Egyptian ferry accident, scenes of survivors and family members mourning the loss of loved ones. Behind these images are lives devastated by the effects of this tragedy. Great sadness lay heavy on the hearts of those who remain and those who miraculously survived the accident.

“All our churches prayed for the victims and their families,” said Fouad Youssef, Director of the Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt, who noted that by Feb. 8, about 600 people were missing and 408 bodies were found.
“Christians are called to donate assistance to the victims’ families,” he continued. “Official letters of condolences were sent to Egyptian officials and President Mobarak.”

Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director of the WEA, reminds Christians around the world to pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt
as they continue to impact their society by caring for the poor, assisting the vulnerable and reaching the spiritually lost, in a complex and challenging environment.