Calling All Nations to Worship in Berlin


Christians Flock to Olympic Stadium Six Days After World Cup Final

Berlin, June 7 (idea) ­ Just six days after the soccer world cup final the
Olympic Stadium in Berlin will see one of the biggest worship events in
Germany. Approximately 35,000 Christians are expected to flock to the
stadium July 15 to sing, pray and dedicate themselves to mission.

The event ³Calling All Nations² was dreamed up by the English worship
musician Noel Richards. He believes that the event will be a truly historic
gathering. Almost exactly 70 years ago, in the summer of 1936, the Olympic
Games called the youth of the world to compete in Berlin, which was under
Nazi rule.

Today ³we are calling the youth of the world and the young at heart to come
and worship in this great and strategic city of Berlin², writes Richards.
Shortly after the soccer champions will be crowned Christians will be
declaring ³that there is only one champion, only one King and his name is
Jesus Christ².

³Calling All Nations² is a follow-up to a similar event in 1997 when almost
45,000 people worshipped Jesus at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The
event in Berlin is supported by a coalition of German evangelicals, mainly
from charismatic and Pentecostal churches.

As press secretary Fritz Ludwig Otterbach told the evangelical news service
³idea², 16,000 tickets have been sold so far. Approximately 15 percent of
all participants come from abroad ­ the largest contingents from
Switzerland, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Roughly 1,000 voices will unite to form a worship choir. Among the musicians
will be Brian Doerksen, Judy Bailey, Reuben Morgen, Matt Redman and the
group Delirious.

While ³Calling All Nations² is in progress the streets of Berlin will see
another major youth event ­ the Love Parade featuring techno music. And six
days later the Rolling Stones will perform in the Olympic Stadium with their
program ³A Bigger Bang².

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