Action International Ministries: Opportunities To Work With Children at Risk Worldwide

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Action International Ministries, a mission of 206 missionaries, has many
opportunities in evangelism, discipleship, and development to take the
gospel (salvation by faith in Christ alone) and compassionate care to the
104 million orphans of the world and the 160 million street children.
Millions of these children suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and disease.

Missionaries are needed to serve with ACTION among children in the following
ministry positions:

· Bible club organizers
· Child evangelists
· Child disciplers
· Orphan care ministries
· Ministry to AIDS victims
· Church-based community school helpers
· Health and medical workers
· Vocational teachers
· Builders and farmers
· Famine and evangelism workers
· Community developers (wells, clinics, schools, etc.)
· Ministry administrators
· Workers with handicapped and special needs children
· Workers with street children
· Special ministries to child mothers of war
· Special ministries to war-traumatized children

The most needed worker may simply be one who has a burden for children and
will work to develop a ministry to reach underprivileged and needy children
with the gospel and compassionate care in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin

All missionaries with ACTION need to trust God for their personal ministry
support and be recommended by the leadership of their local evangelical
church. The first step is to complete a 5-Minute-Interview, available from
any ACTION office or online at Please pray and ask God
about using you with ACTION in taking the gospel of salvation in Christ and
loving care to needy children.

ACTION USA * PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-0398 * Tel.
425-775-4800 *
[email protected]

ACTION Canada * 3015 A 21st Street. NE* Calgary, AB T2E 7T1o Phone: (403)
204-1421 *
[email protected]

ACTION United Kingdom * PO Box 144, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 5WE * Tel.
0151-630-2451 *
[email protected] (Registered Charity 1058661)

ACTION New Zealand * PO Box 8928, CHRISTCHURCH o Unit 3/1 Halls Place
Christchurch * Tel. 011-643-341-0933 *
[email protected]

ACTION Philippines * PO Box 110, Greenhills Post Office, 1502 Metro Manila *
Tel. 632-531-3709 *
[email protected]

“Knowing God, taking action” (Daniel 11:32b)

Doug Nichols, International Director
Action International Ministries
PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-0398
(425) 775-4800
[email protected]