Belarus: Update on New Life Church Hunger Strike


The purpose of this brief posting is to update the situation in New Life
Church, Minsk, Belarus and to provide resources to enable informed advocacy
and prayer.

There are presently 119 Protestants on hunger strike. Around 30 of them are
commencing their fourth week without food. This is courageous commitment in
the extreme, but it is not glamorous. These believers are in great need of
the LORD’s intervention. (Proverbs 21:1, and 29:26).

For background, see “Belarus: New Life Church Hunger Strike” WEA RLC New &
Analysis, 17 October 2006 (Link 1).


On Saturday 21 October some 2,000 Protestants rallied publicly in Bangalore
Square, Minsk (with government permission) for an end to religious
repression. This was a courageous and hugely significant public rally.
Photos –


Alysksandr Milinkevich has visited the hunger strikers in the New Life
Church. He encouraged the believers and expressed great admiration for their
faith and courage. “I see very strong and courageous people here, who have a
deep faith in God, who believe in justice. These people are invincible, and
they are fighting for the simplest right, the right for freedom of worship.
It is one of the most important rights of a human. I greatly respect these
people, I wish them courage, I wish them not to lose health in this
struggle. I know that God is with those who are here, and God wouldn’t leave
them.” (Link 2)


According to Forum 18, President Lukashenka reportedly indicated a desire to
provide assistance to the church. His aide for ideology issued a “strong
recommendation” to New Life’s Pastor, Vyacheslav Goncharenko, that the
church make a fresh appeal to the Higher Economic Court.

New Life church submitted a fresh appeal to the court on 18 October.
However, the believers vowed to continue their hunger strike saying the
protest will not end until the church’s land and building are legally
returned and the church’s right to worship in its own property is
officially, legally acknowledged. (Link 3)

On 25 October the church received a letter from the Supreme Economic Court
informing them that their pastor faces a massive fine for non-compliance of
earlier court rulings. Charter 97 comments, “The Supreme Economic Court has
fallen short of Protestants’ expectations.”

The following day, when relatives of two of the New Life hunger strikers
attempted to meet with Deputy Director of The Minsk Mayor Mr Michael
Titenkov, Svetlana Matskevich, wife of hunger striker Vladimir Matskevich,
was forcefully detained by police and taken to the Moscow District Police
Station of Minsk for identification.


Back on 18 October, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty published a piece by
Daisy Sindelar on Belarus’ various hunger strikes. Sindelar writes, “Hernan
Reyes, who oversees prisoner medical issues for the International Committee
of the Red Cross, says determined strikers want to stay alive as long as
they can.

“The longer they fast, the rationale goes, the more extreme their
suffering — and the more powerful their message. It only takes a few weeks
for the physical pain of a fast to become profound.

“‘You don’t feel hunger after a few days because of the ketosis. You have
ketones in your bloodstream, which actually stamp out sensations of hunger
as we understand it,’ Reyes says. ‘But of course there are other sensations.
After a couple of weeks you’ll have what we call nystagmus, which means that
you have these uncontrolled rapid eye movements which give you a feeling of
dizziness or vertigo, and you feel like you just go off a carousel that’s
been spinning around very fast. And it’s extremely unpleasant. People throw
up, they can no longer drink their water. And this is definitely one phase
of the hunger strike which all hunger strikers who reach it do remember.’

“That phase is rapidly approaching for the more than 150 Protestant
believers in Belarus.” (Link 4)

On 23 October volunteer doctors from the Union of Evangelic Baptist
Christians recommended that Natallya Ivanova (60) end her fast because she
was suffering acute cardiovascular insufficiency. Natallya was rushed to
hospital on 24 October, seriously weakened and without a pulse.

On 26 October, Volha Kryshneva (50) was admitted to the intensive care unit
of the regional hospital in Baraulyany, Minsk region with heart problems.
She had been without food for 21 days. Olga Nikonova (48) was hospitalised
to the 4th Clinic Hospital on 26 October with critical heart weakness.


New Life church website ( is being continuously
updated by New Life Church Youth Press Centre, which was founded just
recently by New Life youths in response to the hunger strike. It is an
excellent source of information, photographs, stories and links.

A 23 October report by CBN reporter Gailon Totheroh, “Belarus Christians
Fast for Freedom” comes with a video and Totheroh’s blog that includes
information and addresses for advocacy.

Elizabeth Kendal
[email protected]


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World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty News & Analysis
WEA RLC Principal Researcher and Writer, Elizabeth Kendal

2) Alyaksandr Milinkevich Met Protestants on Hunger Strike
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3) BELARUS: Government to make U-turn on charismatic church?
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4) Belarus: Are Hunger Strikes Losing Their Power To Persuade?
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