Announcing the Effective Public Engagement Course for March 2012

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The WEA Leadership Institute is now pleased to offer the Effective Public Engagement course to National Alliance leaders, Global Partners, Affiliates and to our wider Evangelical constituency. The Effective Public Engagement course starts March 16, 2012.

This course sets a backdrop for a biblical understanding about the role of God's people in the public arena. It explores the publics Evangelicals must engage and how to influence these publics through sustained analysis. It discusses tactical approaches and appropriate attitudes in engaging government and other public policy makers. It addresses both the need and our unique ability as Evangelicals to be a voice for the voiceless particularly related to those suffering religious persecution and those living in deep poverty. The course aims at acquainting the student with a targeted approach in using different media channels for communication. It explores the use of print, multi-media and Internet communication technologies and how to use the right medium for communication tasks.

The March 2012 Effective Public Engagement course will be facilitated by Glyn Carpenter, the national director of New Zealand Christian Network, the New Zealand member of the World Evangelical Alliance, and chairman of the South Pacific Evangelical Alliance. Glyn also serves on a number of national committees and boards in several networks where he is involved in missions, marketplace, evangelism, politics, and prayer.

Widely recognized leaders in each field will address various aspects of public engagement. This rich and diverse gathering of Evangelical minds, hands and hearts will help you to wrestle with effective public engagement in your arena. Some of the resource people include: Ron Sider (Evangelicals for Social Action); Julia Doxat-Purser from the (European Evangelical Alliance); Christine MacMillan (Human Trafficking); Joel Edwards (Micah Challenge and the Apply (Button with MDGs); Godfrey Yogarajah (Religious Liberty Commission); Richard Kane (Marriage Week); Steve Tollestrup (Peace and Reconciliation Initiative); Moss Ntlha (The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa); and other experts deeply committed to public engagement and advocacy around the world.



Begin your application today or get more information by using the following links:

– About the WEA Leadership Institute
– About the Certificate in Association Leadership
– Download the WEA-LI Prospectus
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If you are a returning student, you do not have to apply again. However, you still need to register. Please request a registration form by writing to [email protected]


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