Operation Mobilization: Go Extra Mile 2012

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Thirty-three Filipinos and 18 foreigners from 12 nations travelled 10 hours north by bus from Manila to Ifugao, to attend the GO EXTRA MILE conference from 10-15 April. OM Philippines has hosted this conference for 18 years with the purpose of equipping nationals and internationals for world missions, as well as to give participants the opportunity to do outreach in a cross-cultural context.

On Monday, 16 April, the participants formed seven teams and set off on foot across the mountainous terrain, river valleys and forests of Ifugao for a two-week trek to bring the love of God to the indigenous people. They will work with local churches, most of which can only be reached by foot.

Please pray for God’s guidance, strength and confidence for teams as they share God’s compassion and hope with those they meet. Pray also for good fellowship and protection among team members, as well as personal growth, especially in the area of world missions.