Integral Alliance Elected New Board Chair

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Integral Alliance is pleased to announce that Michael Nyenhuis, the President of MAP International, is the new Chair of the Integral Board. The Integral Board is made up of the CEO’s or Presidents of its 17 Member organisations.
Michael says: “I am excited to lead the Integral Board for the next two years. We have a growing, healthy alliance that is already doing great things and is poised to do even more. Our strong position has a lot to do with the great leadership Laurie Cook has provided to us over the past 9 years. I am humbled to follow him in this role.”

Laurie Cook, the President of World Relief Canada, has served as the Integral Board Chair since Integral started in 2004. He says: “It has been a great privilege to serve the Board of Integral for these last 9 years in the role of Chair. So much has been accomplished through building trust and relationships. For me personally, I have learned so much about poverty and injustice through the shared perspectives of incredible organisations and their leadership. But beyond that, I have also found a much deeper spiritual life through sharing journeys with leaders from around the world.”

Laurie continues: “I’d also like to offer my sincere thanks to Fiona Boshoff, the Integral International Director, and the rest of the Integral Secretariat team for providing the structure and organisation that delivers on all the above. As I reflected on what I was hearing at my final chairing session, I became so excited about where the Integral Alliance is, and where I believe it will go under Michael Nyenhuis' leadership.”

Integral Alliance is a Global Partner of the World Evangelical Alliance. For more information about Integral, go to: