WEA LI Introduces New Tool for Effective Web-Learning Experience

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The World Evangelical Alliance Leadership Institute (WEA LI) introduces webinars as a new tool to address training needs among its worldwide constituency. A webinar, also referred to as a webcast or web conferencing, is a remote and internet based conference or seminar which offers a wide range of advantages for participants. “I can address my immediate learning need quickly, affordably, and easily, usually without leaving my desk,” says Rob Brynjolfson, Director of the WEA LI.

As a relatively new technique of online learning, webinars are usually multimedia (audio and visual), with a subject matter expert addressing a topic followed by questions and answers. Because these experiences deliver visual and audio material which may include video streaming, participants need to have a strong Internet connection to enjoy this technology. 

“Even with these obvious limitations we have used web conferencing software in our online courses at the WEA Leadership Institute. The results convinced us to expand our menu of training opportunities by developing webinars,” Brynjolfson said. 

Part of the appeal in this approach is that the learner remains in control of her own learning experiences. The participants sign on only if they want to. They pick and choose webinar topics from a menu list. 

“A well facilitated webinar will also include a period of interaction where more specific learning needs may be addressed by the participants,” Brynjolfson continues. “This allows the participants to engage the subject matter expert, and peers, making use of their own knowledge base, experience and wisdom.  It can be a very rich learning environment.”

The WEA LI is launching this new learning experience with a webinar on fundraising. Rob Martin, former CEO of First Fruits Inc., will make a live Internet presentation to address funding proposal writing.

“This webinar is designed to help proposal writer’s get their purpose statements to line up with the framework of donor motivation. This topic was chosen because many of our Evangelical Alliances, Associate members and service arms write proposals and we all know just how challenging it is to make the right the impression from the start”, Brynjolfson commented. A period of interaction will follow the 45 minute presentation and participants will be able to get answers to immediate questions.

The webinar will take place on June 26, 2012, at 2:00 PM (UTC), or 10:00 AM New York time (EST). More more information on the webinar, the technical requirements, and the registration, click here.

The Leadership Institute was officially launched as a WEA initiative during the General Assembly in Pattaya, Thailand (Oct. 2008). The mandate of the Leadership Institute is to strengthen National Evangelical Alliances by developing effective leaders. For more information, go to www.weali.org.

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