WEA Sends Congratulation Letter to Dr. Morsi, the Newly Elected President of Egypt


Rev. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe – Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance sent a congratulations letter to Dr. Mohamed Morsi on his inauguration as the president of Egypt. In his letter, Dr. Tunnicliffe stressed the importance of the solidarity of all segments of the community with the new president to build a new Egypt and to achieve democracy and justice among all citizens. The congratulations letter stated the following:

Your Excellency Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt

On behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance, and the whole global evangelical community (estimated to be over 600 million people strong), I would like to congratulate you most sincerely on your election as President.

This first ever free presidential election in Egypt is a significant tribute to all Egypt’s people. Through the election, the people of Egypt have entrusted you with a heavy responsibility and we want to assure you of our prayers as you take on this great responsibility. We would like to warmly encourage you to ensure that every segment of Egyptian society is able to play their full part in working for democracy and social justice for all Egypt’s citizens and in upholding the rule of law.

We pray that God will help you and the presidential team supporting you in the leadership of Egypt during this next chapter in your great nation’s history.

We pray that you will play an important part in enabling Egyptian Muslims, Christians, and secularists to contribute to Egypt regaining her leading role in the world and in re-building a new modernized Egypt.


Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe,
Chief Executive Officer / Secretary General