The Chairman of the WEA Has Tendered His Resignation from the WEA International Council

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The Chairman of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Dr Sang Bok David Kim, has tendered his resignation from the WEA International Council. The Council has accepted his resignation with regret.

The WEA is planning to hold its General Assembly in two years time in 2014 in Seoul, Korea. In tendering his resignation Dr Kim reminded the Council of what he said in 2008 when the Council asked him to serve as its chairman, namely, that six years was too long for him to serve at his age and he would like to serve only for the first three years.

In retiring at this time Dr Kim is giving his successor a full two years to lead the WEA into the General Assembly. The International Council thanks Dr Kim for his valuable contribution to the WEA and its associated ministries over many years. The Council has begun the process for the selection of a new chairman.