German Evangelical Organisations Exhort Christians to be an Example of Hope in Christ

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By Evangelical Focus
As the ‘second Covid-19 wave’ hits Europe, evangelical Christians in Germany have been called to be an example of hope in Christ.
A statement published on 8 November by leaders of the German Evangelical Alliance, the Union of Free Evangelical Churches, the Pentecostal Union, and several others, has called Christians to “ be bold in taking new ways, offering new places where people can find community and orientation”
As the crisis continues to worsen, Christians should be “creative” in “discovering new forms of church life”, including the use of communications technology.
Germany has not heavily restricted worship services, and this is thanks to the fact that the constitution guarantees the “undisturbed practice of religion”, a right that has a “special meaning in times of crisis”, the statement says. But churches should not take the responsibility “lightly”, and every effort should continue to be made by church leaders to help stop the virus.
In the country, anti-government demonstrations have been organised by citizens who say the restrictions have been unjustified, including groups that oppose vaccines or the use of face masks. “Especially with the measures that affect basic rights, there needs to be a discussion in society”, the text says.
But the signatories strongly call Christians to avoid engaging in “activism” that leads to polarisation. “We clearly reject conspiracy theories and behaviours that lack solidarity. We especially challenge Christians to speak and act so that we bring reconciliation into our society. Christians need to be known for its serenity, depth, wisdom and their focus on Jesus Christ”.
The text concludes by calling all evangelical Christians to use the time to show compassion to those people who are due to the extreme situation, are suffering economically, socially or psychologically. “We encourage Christians to help these people experience the love of God through practical help and concrete actions of care”.]]>