Christmas 2020 Message

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The year 2020 was adversely disrupted by COVID-19. The pandemic has caused fear and anxiety in the lives of millions worldwide. Compounded by staggering losses to the global economy, COVID-19 has drastically altered our way of life.
The first chapter the Gospel of Luke records how a young virgin turned disruptions into victory by her faith in God. What are the characteristics of Mary’s faith?
First, it submits to the plan of God. Mary did not understand how she could be pregnant outside of the natural process. And yet, as the angel Gabriel broke the news that she was highly favored to be the mother of the Messiah who will be conceived by the miraculous overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, Mary responded, “As God’s servant, let it be unto me according to Thy Word.” She submitted to God’s will, fully understanding that Joseph might not marry her and disown her baby, and that the consequence of this for her was death by stoning for adultery. Mary demonstrated faith that submits to the authority of God over disruptions in life.
Second, Mary believed in the promises of God. On her visit to her cousin Elizabeth in the hill country, she found a safe haven to hide her pregnancy. But more than that, Mary’s shame was turned into blessing. The Holy Spirit directed Elizabeth to declare that Mary was indeed blessed because she believed that what was spoken to her from the Lord would be fulfilled.
And third, Mary’s faith magnified and rejoiced in the mighty works of God. She declared that all generations would call her blessed for the mighty things that God had done for her. She magnified the Lord for His saving grace bestowed in her life. Hers was an extraordinary journey of disruption to confusion to shame, and eventually to worship and exultation of God Most High (Luke 1:46-47).
As we celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year, let us ask God to give us a faith like Mary’s —an unwavering faith that will help us overcome the disruptions and the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
With faith in God we can have a joyful Christmas and look forward to a blessed New Year!
Bishop Efraim Tendero
Secretary General / CEO
World Evangelical Alliance