WEA Joins National Association of Evangelicals in Denouncing Insurrection on Capitol Hill

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The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) joins the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), its national member body in the United States, in denouncing the insurrection on Capitol Hill this week. In a statement issued yesterday, the NAE said “the insurrection epitomizes the rancor and polarization present in our country” and that the NAE “denounces the violence at the U.S. Capitol as well as the nation’s longstanding vices that led to this chaos.”
“Followers of Jesus are peacemakers. Some images from the protests demonstrate a disturbing conflation of Christianity and a nationalist ideology that is far from the way of Jesus. Christians are commanded to seek the peace of the cities where they live, to love their enemies, to seek unity and to proclaim a message of peace (Jeremiah 29:5–11; Romans 12:9–18),” the NAE continued.
WEA Secretary General Bp Efraim Tendero said: “We have been following the recent events with great concern and join our brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States in unequivocally condemning the violence. The developments in the United States have great influence on other parts of the world, so we pray for God to bring healing to a divided nation that has suffered for too long under the polarized atmosphere in politics, society and even the Church.”
“We encourage believers around the world to express our solidarity in this time of need and join the NAE in prayer and fasting. We especially pray for the pastors and church leaders that they will have the strength and wisdom to serve at the forefront of building bridges within divided communities and encourage ‘a Christ-like approach to politics and public life’ as the NAE states,” Bp Tendero concluded.
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