Be Emissaries of God’s Love

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COVID-19 has presented the world with its most all-encompassing crisis in 75 years. But Christians are uniquely equipped to shine in crises. The World Evangelical Alliance urges believers in Christ everywhere to hold unswervingly to the hope we profess and be emissaries of God’s love to those in physical, emotional, and spiritual need.

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At a time when a spreading virus threatens millions of people, we can affirm and protect life—by praying for the sick, those caring for the sick, and researchers working to develop a vaccine; by supporting healthcare providers as appropriate with our time and resources; and by observing the protective measures recommended by government leaders and medical experts. 

At a time when public health imperatives prevent our normal practice of meeting together, we can reach out to isolated neighbors, implement creative ways to provide spiritual nurture, continue to “assemble” online or by other forms of communication, and prepare a continuity plan to serve our congregations and our communities effectively. We can also deepen our appreciation of and commitment to the millions of believers who can never meet openly due to the threat of persecution. 

At a time when many are fearful about their future, we should combine prudence with fearless trust in a trustworthy God—thoroughly respecting public health guidelines, offering our resources to others rather than hoarding them, and supporting businesses at economic risk.

At a time when the suspension of entertainment, travel, and other diversions may induce boredom and depression in many, we can demonstrate that we have tasted the kindness and joy of the Lord and point to our indestructible source of purpose, hope, and meaning. 

At a time when many ask the perennial question, “How could God permit … ?” we can reaffirm the core message of the Christian faith: that God sent his Son to live in solidarity with our sufferings and to endure worse things than we will ever suffer so that we may have a lasting hope for an eternal kingdom.

Most of all, by living in uninterrupted hope, joy, and sacrificial love, we can show that Jesus is alive, that circumstances do not change our trust in a sovereign God, and that God’s love can transform others as it has transformed us.

World Evangelical Alliance

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