WEA’s Stance on Political Election Campaigns


In response to recent inquiries about WEA’s stance on the current presidential elections in the United States, the WEA reiterates its non-partisan approach to political elections. As an association, the WEA includes a wide range of denominations, churches, and organizations in the United States and in other countries. There is great variety among our membership, and they do not all share the same position on every public policy issue. Therefore, the WEA does not endorse political candidates or campaigns. The WEA respects those who would like to do so, however, it is only in their personal and not in their official capacity with the WEA.

Bishop Efraim Tendero, Secretary General of the WEA, comments: “We believe that God is the one who ultimately appoints people in leadership in a democratic society where people make the choice on who their leaders are (see Romans 13). Voting is not only a privilege but a sacred duty and must be done carefully as delegated authority from God in recognizing the leaders who will be given the contract and trust of people to govern.”

“Therefore, we urge the general population and evangelicals in particular to exercise this sacred responsibility with careful assessment of the character and competency of the candidates as people who will be given the trust to govern their respected communities,” he added.