You Are Invited to Help Influence Urban History


We are living in decisive times for the future of our urban world and the health and integrity of God’s creation. These two realities – cities and towns in the next 20-30 years growing from 50 % of the worlds population to 75% living in urbanism areas, and the integrity of the worlds ecosystems that all life is dependent upon – are inseparably linked and both vitally important to the wellbeing of humanity. This is why the decisions being made for the "New Urban Agenda" that will be launched at the United Nations Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador (Oct 17-20, 2016) will be historically important and influential.

We believe Christians have a lot to learn about urbanism at UN Habitat III, but we also have a lot to offer from our biblical perspective, experiences, expertise, concerns and values. The question is, however, will Christians show up at this decisive time or just sit on the sidelines watching?

Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network and ISUM-Micah Global have joined forces to create the Urban Shalom Project to help the Christian community engage with urban challenges and to be involved in the global dialogue on urbanism being convened by the United Nations at the Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador.

Here is your opportunity to be part of history. You are invited to Quito, Ecuador for our special pre-UN Habitat III The Gospel and the Future of Cities Summit (Oct. 15-16) and then to be a Christian witness from our UN Habitat III Basecamp to attend Habitat III (Oct 17-20) where our goals are to be a thoughtful Christian presence in the dialogue, to pray for the participants attending and therefore try to influence the outcomes of the UNHIII Conference.

We also hope to launch a Micah Publication at the summit: ‘Urban Shalom and the Cities we Need’.


Dr Chris Elisara and Dr. Ash Barker

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