A call to Prayer – South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso


A call to Prayer – South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso
Nairobi- 18 September, 2015

It has been a busy news day for Africa over the past 24 hours- an especially tragic one. We have been inundated with reports of violence and disasters. First, in South Sudan an oil tanker explosion in the Western town Mardi has left 182 people dead with government officials fearing that the death toll will continue to rise due to the inadequacy of their health facilities to handle burn cases.

In Sierra Leone, floods have left four dead and thousands homeless, forcing the government to use the country’s National stadium (The Siaka Stevens Stadium) as a temporary shelter. People living in coastal areas have been advised to move out with forecasts predicting the heavy monsoon rains will continue for the next five days.

Finally, the coup in Burkina Faso has left 10 dead, with violent protests rocking Ouagadougou, the country’s capital. The coup leaders have closed land and air borders with night-time curfews also imposed.

The Executive secretary of the AEA women’s commission (PACWA), Mrs Joanna Ilboudo, has asked the AEA fraternity to pray that a crisis situation will be averted and security agents will not respond violently to protests. Former AEA president, Rev. Samuel Yameogo and Jonas Sawadogo, Child Advocacy Regional Director at Compassion International, are also residents of Ouagadougou.

A call to prayer has been sent out to the Church by our brothers and sisters in the affected nations. 

Join us, as we pray for peace and security, healing and provision in the affected states. Also pray for the National Evangelical Fellowships in the affected nations i.e. The Evangelical Alliance of South Sudan (EASS), the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone and the Evangelical Alliance of Burkina Faso (FEME), as they roll out response efforts in the nations. You can forward your messages of encouragement and prayer to [email protected] or post on the Association of Evangelicals in Africa Facebook page.

AEA Communication Team