Asian Evangelical Alliance expresses deep concern at recent bombings in churches in Nepal


Asia Evangelical Alliance


The Asian Evangelical Alliance (AEA) expresses deep concern at the recent bombings in churches in Nepal. According to media reports, blasts in churches and a police station were reported in violence-hit Nepal on night of September 14, 2015, hours after the Constituent Assembly (CA) drafting the new Constitution rejected a proposal to declare Nepal, a Hindu state. AEA call for prayers for the family of the policemen who were wounded when a bomb found in a third church, which they though had been defused, exploded at a police station.

AEA congratulates the CA for being able to finalize several provisions of the constitution. The spirit of the constitution which declares Nepal as an independent, sovereign, secular, inclusive and socialist, democratic republic nation is commendable.

Rev. Dr. Sang-Bok David Kim, Chairman of AEA stated, "In a world full of violence, marginalisation and where people are being targeted for their religious beliefs, the vote in favour for an inclusive democracy will undoubtedly be an important step towards protecting the interests of people of Nepal."

The AEA however is also concerned that there are not adequate provisions within the Constitution of Nepal to ensure that all persons can freely practise and profess the religion of their choice. The new constitution violates Nepal's commitment under international law to ensure that all persons can freely manifest their religious beliefs in worship, observance, practice and teaching.

AEA calls upon the Constituent Assembly to ensure freedom of religion is safeguarded for all citizens of Nepal even as they continue to debate various other aspects and provisions of the Constitution of Nepal

Issued By:
Rev. Dr. Richard Howell
General Secretary – Asia Evangelical Alliance
New Delhi, India