WEA’s Theological Commission Launches a Book on Christian Ethics

World of Theology—Christian Ethics in Secular Cultures
A book on Christian Ethics in Secular Cultures has been launched in the TC’s World of Theology series.It is written by Thomas K Johnson of Global Scholars and Martin Bucer Seminary and focuses on the relationship between the moral principles Christians should follow within the Christian community and the ethics followed in the secular societies in which they live.
The author (PhD Ethics, University of Iowa) has lived in Prague since 1996 where he taught philosophy at Charles University and is now Vice President for Research at Martin Bucer European School of Theology. He explained, ‘Stated personally, our Christian moral dilemma is that we have received a revelation of God’s moral will in the Bible and in creation which must shape our identity as believers over against unbelieving cultures, while our neighbors follow the ethics of other worldviews which should concern us deeply. Remember the Holocaust, where the ethics of a secular ideology wreaked destruction in an entire society. Christians must maintain a distinct Christian identity and also seek to contribute to the moral considerations that shape our cultures.'
This and other books in the series is available for free download. A statement issued by the WEA Theological Commission gives more details of this on‐line publishing project. It reads, ‘Because many millions of Christians suffer religious persecution or suppression and do not enjoy freedom of the press, they are denied access to Christian books and educational materials. However many persecuted Christian have access to the internet and are reading major languages. Therefore the Theological Commission is beginning to release more books and booklets as free downloads.’
It went on, ‘In the past the Holy Spirit raised up some key Christian spokespeople from among the persecuted churches, but these spokespeople usually had access to quality Christian books. By the small step of publishing more books and booklets online the Theological Commission hopes to play its part in responding to Christian persecution and in helping to raise up Christian spokespeople within the persecuted church. We strongly desire to develop this process in multiple languages and multiple electronic formats.’
The current list is printed below:
World of Theology Series: A listing of some of the titles
Thomas K. Johnson: The First Step in Missions Training: How our Neighbors are Wrestling with God’s General Revelation
Thomas K. Johnson: Christian Ethics in Secular Cultures
Ken Gnanakan: Responsible Stewardship of God’s Creation
David Parker: Discerning the Obedience of Faith: A Short History of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission (in preparation)
Thomas Schirrmacher: The Koran and the Bible
Thomas Schirrmacher (Ed.): William Carey: Theologian – Linguist – Social Reformer
Thomas Schirrmacher: Advocate of Love – Mar