WEA Joins NAE in Commending United States for Signing Arms Trade Treaty


The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) joins the National Association of Evangelicals in commending the United States for signing the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) this week. “The US signing the ATT is an important step forward for the treaty and its potential of limiting the illicit transfer of arms,” said Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary General of the WEA.

“Now it is up to those countries that have not yet signed to follow suit and show their commitment to reduce the violence and suffering in many parts of the world that result from the lack of regulation of the international arms trade.”

The WEA has been actively advocating for a strong ATT, more information is available on the WEA special page on the ATT: www.worldevangelicals.org/att

Below is the press release that the NAE sent out on September 25:


Today the United States signed the Arms Trade Treaty bringing it one step closer to implementation.  The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) affirms our government for signing a treaty that would establish common standards governing international weapons transfers.

“The U.S. signature shows our nation’s commitment to curbing the deaths of civilians around the globe who are killed each year by unscrupulous regimes, criminals, illegal militias and terrorist groups,” said Galen Carey, NAE Vice President of Government Relations. “Terrorists and thugs should not be allowed to legally buy weapons that will be used to persecute people.”

This spring, the United States joined 153 other nations to approve the Arms Trade Treaty in a meeting of the UN General Assembly.  Nearly 100 have already signed, with legislative ratification underway in many countries. The treaty will go into effect when it has been ratified by 50 countries.

By signing the treaty, the United States puts pressure on other key arms exporters, including Russia, China and India, to join the treaty. It also demonstrates the growing momentum for transparency in the international arms trade and for prohibiting irresponsible and illicit arms transfers. It has no impact on domestic gun sales or ownership.

The NAE asks its members to pray that God will continue to guide the process and that the treaty will contribute to peace and safety for all people, and especially for those who live in the most violent corners of the globe.