Association of Evangelicals in Africa: Shaping the Post 2015 Development Agenda


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are in essence a “road map for world development by 2015”. They exemplify the core content of the contemporary development agenda of global governance. All countries and development agents have so far proven to act in accordance with this framework and thinking. The MDG framework remains valid until 2015, the date established for its implementation, and has in practice acquired a politically and morally compelling character.

AEA participated in a meeting hosted by the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC), a campaign unit established in 2002 by then General Secretary of UN, Kofi Annan in response to the failing efforts of governments in keeping their promises and commitments to achieve the MDGs by the target year 2015. The theme of the meeting was, “enhancing faith based communities’ participation in shaping the post 2015 development agenda”. In attendance were participants from various faith based organizations.

It was fitting that this meeting was held on ‘Africa Day’ as the African Union marked its Golden Jubilee in Addis. The value of this day being the unity it enjoins; where as Africans, we not only reflect on our history and heritage, but also confess the potential and promise that our continent holds.

“What are the major expectations of our community in the post 2015 process?” This was one of the major questions posed by the UNMC during the meeting.

Participants shared how the framework of MDG’s is laced with very strong and firm ethics.   Envisaging a society where human dignity is paramount and end to poverty realistic, this moral voice is important. Unfortunately, as Evangelicals and Christians in general we have surrendered this discussion process to politicians, who are seen to have a ‘moral deficit’, to propagate the ethics in the MDG agenda.

The Deputy Director of the UNMC Africa, Charles Akelyira expressed that he strongly felt that we as faith based communities have a greater role to play in implementing the current MDG’s while playing a spirited role in the post 2015 process.