Easter Greetings from the World Evangelical Alliance


Gordon Showell-Rogers, Associate Secretary General, extends Easter greetings to you on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance:

This week, we're remembering the extraordinary events of the first Easter when Jesus gave his life for people like you and me; people like us around the world who have rebelled against the living God. Jesus gave His life to redeem us, to bring us back into relationship with Himself and into community, and having done that, then rose again from the dead, so that the tomb is empty and will be forever empty. And He is reigning in Heaven, Lord of all.

One day everyone will recognize that, but in the meantime, our suffering and sickness and death around the world, the persecution and sorrow that many of us struggle with, seems to be the guiding principle – but it is not! The real guiding principle in the universe is life.

As we pray together this Easter period, as Christians gather together to remember the cross and celebrate the resurrection, let us remember those suffering around the world. Please pray with us for the people of the Central African Republic, pray with us for the people of Syria and the whole of the region, and all those affected by conflicts of various kinds in different parts of the world. Please pray with us that the guiding principle of life this Easter would begin to make a significant difference in the lives of many.

And as we pray that, let us also work together to build the Kingdom of God, to extend and grow His Church. Jesus prayed, just before he died, that we who follow him and who love him might be one, so that the world might believe. 

Let us stand together in a needy world, the principle of life guiding us and his spirit refreshing and filling us, and point others to this Christ who has given his life and who is risen, once and for all. Thank you for standing with one another for the Kingdom of God and the glory of the crucified and risen Christ. 

God bless you!