2014 Mission Commission Global Consultation Plans Are Taking Shape


The WEA Mission Commission (MC) is convening a Global Consultation in Turkey in May 13-17, 2014 with the theme “Gospel – Church – Mission”. God has given the MC the unique capacity to convene key missional leaders and shape the participation of the global Evangelical movement in God’s mission and in the advance of His kingdom.

The MC convenes Global Consultations  every two or three years.  MC Global consultations have proven to be among the most strategic “safe places” for reflective-practitioners of mission to focus on and grapple with global issues and challenges. Previous consultations have resulted in mutual encouragement, greater understanding of the challenges that make up successive “present moments” for following Christ in his mission, joint work and strategies, as well as new written materials for publication and wider distribution.

IMG_5234The next important opportunity for this dynamic meeting of leaders, representing mission movements from places that have traditionally sent missionaries as well as from the newer sending countries, will be in Turkey, in May 2014.

The theme of the consultation, Gospel – Church – Mission invokes three essential elements in global mission. Gospel is the message, the good news for every people and every person on this earth and that speaks the whole person and that includes the whole creation. Church is the agent of mission, called to proclaim and to live out the gospel truth in and from every neighbourhood and beyond. A church is missionary by nature, otherwise its existence can be questioned. Mission is God’s mission, and we are all invited to partner with Him in order to advance His kingdom. We will look at gospel and church from a missiological perspective and examine the biblical and practical integration between them.

The MC is convening this consultation in preparation for the WEA General Assembly (GA) later in the year at Korea.  The theme of the GA, Following Jesus Christ into the World”  is deeply missiological. The MC Consultation is designed to be an important step towards fully unpacking its meaning.  Our plan is to offer materials from our consultation to the GA and for the delegates to take home with them.


The WEA senior leadership has enthusiastically endorsed the  MC Consultation as part of the preparation for the WEA GA at Seoul, South Korea.  MC Associates will be more prepared to engage the WEA General Assembly in support of the participation of evangelicals from around the globe in the global mission of Jesus.

On behalf of the WEA senior leadership, Dr. Wilf Gasser writes the following:

“From a WEA perspective the General Assembly in Seoul holds two important opportunities for the Mission Commission. Firstly, the MC consultation in Turkey in May 2014 can be seen as an important stepping-stone towards the GA. Its focus on Church & Mission will help prepare so at the GA the MC can offer strategies and guidelines for a strong collaboration between mission movements and the local church. Secondly, the MC can profit from the GA being held in the strong mission nation of Korea and the Asian nations presumably being well represented at the GA.” 

More detailed information will be made available in August regarding the venue and registration for the May 13-17, 2014 MC Global Consultation in Turkey.  Please pray for those of us who are planning the consultation.  Take advantage of the “Comments” section below to communicate with us about the consultation.