WEA TRUST Issues May 2023 Situation Report with Updates and Ongoing Needs


The Response – Ukraine Special Taskforce (TRUST) of WEA issued a new Situation Report (May 2023) with updates on the response so far and ongoing needs.

Nearly 15 months after Russian troops first invaded Ukraine, the war continues to rage on. From the very beginning, churches in Ukraine and bordering countries have been the first to respond during these times of desperate need. Supported by an outpouring of resources, compassion, and prayer from around the world, our courageous brothers and sisters in Christ on the front lines have served in numerous ways: opening churches as epicenters of response, providing humanitarian aid and medical assistance, offering trauma therapy and counseling, and expressing the truth of God’s love to everyone. We have seen the power of unity when we come together as one body in Christ. As we continue to stand with and care for the war-affected and those serving them, we remain steadfast in our call for the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from the whole territory of Ukraine as the quickest way to end this war and in our prayer for peace, healing, and restoration.

Download the TRUST Situation Report in PDF: WEA TRUST Report