Christian Media Recognize WEA Human Rights Advocate


Two recent media articles have highlighted the sensitive, tireless, invaluable work of Wissam al-Saliby (shown above), the Lebanese native who serves as director of the WEA’s human rights office in Geneva, Switzerland.

On July 27, World magazine featured al-Saliby’s quiet but widely respected work behind the scenes at the United Nations. As vice president of the NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief at the United Nations in Geneva, he is frequently involved in practical actions to protect churches in many countries against discrimination and persecution.

One of the main emphases in this article is that local efforts by a country’s own citizens to document violations of human rights and communicate concerns to their government make al-Saliby’s work much easier. He reinforced this message in an essay published online by Christianity Today on August 2. That article urged Christians opposing persecution to take three steps: (1) develop well-resourced local institutions, (2) build momentum for change by appealing locally to authorities, and (3) expand their advocacy beyond the issue of persecution.