Global 2033 International Leaders’ Summit in Kraków, Poland


Global 2033 International recently organized two important summits in Kraków, Poland: the Women of Influence Summit (WINS) and the International Leaders’ Summit. As a partner to Global 2033, WEA leadership was invited to both. 

Forty-three women from 15 countries participated in the Women of Influence Summit (WINS), held on 5–8 February. WINS is an initiative of Global2033 to empower and equip women as active agents to fulfill the Great Commission in the decade leading up to 2033, the two-thousandth anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the summit, the dignity and vocation of women were explored and highlighted, based on the meaning of the Hebrew word ezer in Genesis 2:18. WINS was chaired by Dr. Sabina Cappello Lee, supported by a team of international women leaders.

Dr. Peirong Lin, WEA Deputy Secretary General, noted in her WINS message that the call to leadership comes first and foremost from God. It is not separate from being a woman and the different familial roles that one plays, but because of it. Who we are and what forms us has an impact on one’s leadership style. Being a leader is about recognizing what needs to be done and taking the appropriate responsibility. 

The subsequent Global2033 Summit gathered 160 delegates from 36 countries, fostering unity in the Church’s mission. This summit emphasized collaboration, effective strategies, and a renewed personal commitment to evangelization, with a key theme being unity in mission as a move from fellowship to collaboration in the Spirit. Global 2033 aims to contribute a unique platform for such collaboration within the Church. 

WEA continues to be fully committed to Global 2033, recognizing that the vision to proclaim the gospel requires the global church to work together.