WEA met Muslim Council of Elders in Abu Dhabi


On 16th February 2024, WEA Deputy Secretary for Ministries, Samuel Chiang travelled to Abu Dhabi to meet with the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Elders, Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders, which was characterized by a commitment to enhancing collaboration and promoting shared values.

WEA views the discussion as an opportunity to strengthen mutual cooperation in promoting the values and principles of human fraternity. This aligns with the Alliance’s mission to foster dialogue and understanding among different religious communities. WEA also recognizes the significance of activating the role of religious leaders in addressing pressing global challenges, particularly the climate crisis. By unifying efforts with the Muslim Council of Elders, the Alliance seeks to leverage religious influence to advocate for environmental stewardship.

WEA acknowledges the importance of empowering youth and supports efforts to engage young people in initiatives promoting fraternity and coexistence. By exploring avenues to support and empower youth, the Alliance aims to nurture a generation committed to building a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Rev. Samuel E. Chiang praised the efforts of the Muslim Council of Elders in promoting dialogue between religions and combating hate speech, racism, and discrimination. He affirmed the world’s need for such efforts, especially amidst numerous challenges threatening stability and security. The WEA expressed anticipation for further collaboration with the Muslim Council of Elders in spreading the values of human fraternity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.

Overall, the WEA views the meeting as a positive step towards strengthening interfaith cooperation and addressing shared global challenges. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and dialogue in promoting peace, understanding, and mutual respect among diverse religious communities.

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